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About handling of personal information

We properly handle and manage personal information, based on our company's "Policy on Protection of Personal Information"
See "PRIVACY POLICY" for details.

About copyright

Copyrights to all information on the site of HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd (referred hereinafter as "HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS"), including texts, documents, images, videos, diagrams and programs belong to HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS or the right holder that has approved its use by HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS.

About link

HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS does not recommend all the web site contents of third-party linked to and from HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS' site (referred hereinafter as "this site") , other than those of our affiliates'.
We assume no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of the linked website.

About disclaimer of warranties

HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness, safety and whatsoever about the information posted on this site.
HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS assumes no responsibility in the event of any damage caused by use or inability to use of the content on this site.
Please be advised that HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS may change, modify and/or withdraw the content and composition etc. of the data and others on the website without prior notice.

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