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IT Support Services (RPA)

My name is Joa. It is a PC operation robot.

We will help you with your office work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Labor costs will continue to rise in Thailand

There is also a shortage of IT engineers

The turnover of excellent human resources is also intense


Looking to the near future, why not start automation (RPA)?

No need for expensive license fees or IT engineers


Now is the time to start BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

You can get business automation (RPA) with a fixed amount

Leave it to us

If you want to study BPO service

Free consultation is available.

* We accept to sale a license only.

(If you are interesting in BPO service, possible to rent for free for one month)

What is RPA? PC operation robot? BPO? 

"Do you have any problems like this?"

Many indirect employees leave their jobs, and the production efficiency of each person does not increase.

It takes time to educate the successor because the work cannot be taken over from the predecessor.

There are many mistakes and omissions in data every month

It takes time to collect information (data conversion) from the site, and the report is late.

It spends many time for current customers.  No time to send DM to the expected one.

Do you try to increase your productivity?

Do you have a problem like this?

"Productivity improvement = RPA"


human error

Extreme reduction


Effective utilization of human resources



Waste reduction

Business improvement

by RPA

The original purpose of introducing RPA is to improve the "productivity" of adding value to businesses and companies.

Productivity improvement = RPA

"What is RPA?"

Robotic process automation (RPA) → PC operation robot: Joa

Routine work

PC operation automation

RPA reduces the time and cost required for daily routine work


RPA realizes stable operation of business with busy and busy business as well as business with a large amount of processing on a regular basis.

Once the robot is reminded, it will not quit and the cost of education will be reduced.

Let the robot remember not only a large amount of data input but also repetitive tasks and long-process tasks, so that people can shift to high-value-added tasks.

Reduce risk and additional operation due to work mistakes with RPA


Frequent work, such as repetitive work, work with many processes, and routine work that is performed daily, will increase mistakes due to pressure and familiarity.

The robot repeats the work once learned and performs the work with the same quality day and night.

By localizing the areas where people intervene with RPA and concentrating on the necessary work, mistakes and operations are reduced.

With RPA, business improvement can be achieved without modifying the system used for business.


You can improve your business with RPA without modifying the system used in-house as well as the applications you use in your daily work.

When introducing RPA, there is no need to modify the system or develop tools to suit your business.

It is a solution that can quickly respond to improvement requests of field personnel and is easy to use PDCA, regardless of industry.

PC-operated robots take over the back office work that only humans could do until now.

What is RPA?

"Combination of ERP and RPA"

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

* SAP is also one of ERP

Information unification of management resources, centralized management, information visualization

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate routine tasks for human work






1. Can automate business processes across the entire organization


ERP is a software package product that can integrate business applications that were distributed in each department into one.

By combining it with RPA, it is possible to automate the entire business process that spans the entire organization.

For example, in the invoicing business, a sales person receives an order from a customer, hands over the information to the accounting department, and issues an invoice at a specific time.

If you have RPA, you can program it so that when sales enter billing information into the system, it will be reflected in the accounting system and a quote will be issued at a specific time.

Furthermore, if you are doing billing operations with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), you can automate the process of approving quotations.

2. Easy management of automation programs by system administrators


The difficulty with implementing RPA is that a myriad of automation programs have been created and left unattended can have a negative impact on the system.

Therefore, when introducing RPA, the system administrator must always be careful in managing the automation program, but if there is ERP there, there is only one platform to run the RPA automation program, so it will be easier to manage.

3. Higher labor productivity improvement can be expected


Due to the above merits, the combination of ERP and RPA can be expected to have a higher labor productivity improvement effect, and the added value of the business can be further increased.

Japanese companies are considered to be countries with low labor productivity even in the world, so if labor productivity is increased by combining ERP and RPA, it will be possible to develop new businesses.

* RPA for companies that have not introduced ERP *

As mentioned above, both ERP and RPA have many advantages for solving corporate issues.

If the introduction of ERP is difficult, the mainstream idea is to use RPA.

Combination of ERP and RPA
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