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Temporary staffing service


It is used by many manufacturing companies in Thailand.


What are the reasons


The global market is changing rapidly, and there is a high risk of having full-time employees.

Labor-management negotiations by labor unions are becoming more intense year by year

Since the trial period after hiring full-time employees is short, it is difficult to measure humanity etc.

We want to introduce temporary staff and inspire regular employees who are becoming a rut

We strive to differentiate ourselves from local agencies

There are various ways of thinking about utilizing temporary staffing depending on the issues of the customer.

We will propose temporary staffing that meets your challenges.

Over 100 companies with temporary staffing and transaction records in Thailand

All temporary staffing is supported by our subsidiary JSHR.

* We also accept consultations with foreign workers *

Main labor management work of temporary staffing service

①Assigned patrol managers and resident managers

② Confirmation of employee attendance status

③ Report the reason for absenteeism (confirm the reason for absenteeism and report the health status of employees)

④ Report on reasons for retirement (confirm the reason for retirement and report on-site issues)

⑤ Report on recruitment status with your company's Human Resources Department (share information on recruitment status in neighboring areas)

⑥ Communication with temporary staff (quick response to employee dissatisfaction and problems)

⑦ Site patrol (regularly check wearing protective equipment and work attitude and give guidance)

⑧ hearing to your site leader (sure there is no problem to work attitude, etc. of temporary staff)

The turnover rate of Thai general operators is currently very high.

I'm sure salary conditions aren't the only reason for leaving.

Would you like to work together to pursue the cause and think about countermeasures to improve the retention rate?

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