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Supporting manufacturing industry in Thailand

Support to reduce costs in the manufacturing industry

Temporary staffing

We strive to differentiate ourselves from local agencies.

There are various ways to utilize temporary staffing depending on the issues of the customer.

We will propose temporary staffing that meets your challenges.


TPS improvement consultant

TPS training by Thai consultant

Because it is Thai guidance, it resonates with Thai people

Training according to your company's tasks is possible


Thorough support for indirect departments in the manufacturing industry.

Challenges in Thai manufacturing

Soaring labor costs, shortage of talented people and turnover

From now on, from hiring people to hiring robots

Latest information

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Company Policy

We support the Thai manufacturing industry and contribute to the prosperity of the Thai manufacturing industry.

We contribute to increasing the profits of our customers and value the stability of our employees' lives.

As a manufacturing support company, we aim to be a company that constantly develops unique services.

Contact Us


Address: 559 Moo 5, Klongtamru Sub-District, Muang District, Chonburi 20000

Tel & Fax: 03-3640-596

Thank you for your inquiry

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